Don’t miss out on this beautifully evocative solo show that explores the authors personal journey of discovery as he travels through the darkest of times into the light. Strange connections lead him forward and become a call to action to save the remaining Kauri on his property from the devistating effects of Kauri dieback disease. He dives deep into the world of Phytophthera Agathidicida and is amazed to find that within this horrific and deadly pathogen lies an extraordinary and beautiful complexity. A complexity that lies at the heart of the interconnectedness of all living things. Interwoven with a stunningly immersive soundscape, Ghost Trees is the writer’s affirmative ode to life.

‘Sit in the front row like I did. It blew my head off. It made me think and feel’ – Sally SH

‘Absolutely beautiful writing. A magnificent show’ – Gary H

‘A must see play that feeds the soul!!!’ – Parks W

‘Blown away by Gary Stalkers incredible true story’ – Mels B

‘Thought provoking, emotional, very clever. Well worth seeing.’ – Wendy A

‘Amazing….if you get a chance please go see this’ – Nari W