Velvet Arrow takes you down a lost path of dark nights and lonesome dreamers… 

Heavily influenced by Radiohead, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen – Velvet Arrow are a Whangarei local singer/songwriter duo with a darkly romantic alt-folk heart. 

Emerging out of the shadows of nowhere, Velvet Arrow’s perceptive lyrical observations woven into beautifully tragic tales and cinematic soundscapes have a way of piercing your soul – reminding the listener you are not alone. 

Born and raised in the same small town and country music scene in Northland, New Zealand many years ago; creative musician/producer Dan Stenhouse and songwriter Hannah Jane met in 2017 a lifetime later to find they both speak the language of solitude and share a love of melancholic melodies. 

With a unique blend of harmony; Dan and Hannah can be found wandering through fields of Alt-Folk into Dark Country and somewhere in between. 

Velvet Arrow are on a journey to bring their original writings out of utero, starting at the very beginning with ‘Songs of Solitude’ – due to be released on vinyl this November.

Velvet Arrow – Songs of Solitude Album Release Celebration – ONEONESIX