Welcome to the Tiny Show.

Meet a quiet clown and her troupe of toys as she recounts fables and tales, with questionable morals. Encounter a jealous witch, a lonely wolf and a very sorry piggy. Be dazzled with sassy looks and spine-tingling harmonies. This clown can sing, dance and eat pink wafers like no one else. 

Grab a teddy and lean in close for a tiny, intimate theatre show for the whole family to enjoy. 

The Tiny Show debuted at the Whangarei Fringe festival 2022, where it received the ‘Best Performer award’. 

This season has been developed to be accessible for deaf and hearing audiences. 

Suitable for deaf and hearing audiences aged 3 years and up. 

Performed by Tomasin Fisher-Johnson.

The Tiny Show – ONEONESIX