A theatrical experience for 5 – 100 year olds with Company of Giants and Soju Shots.

Friday 5th August – 4:30pm (Koha showing) & 6:30pm

Saturday 6th August 7:00pm

Sunday 7th August 11am, 2pm & 4pm 

Wild and wonderful, hairy and confused… Welcome to the living forest, where the trees breathe and the pond speaks; where a crow sings, the bear snores, a frog croaks and a firefly leads the way.

But listen! Something is happening…Something comes!

Grab a blanket, make a friend, light the lights, find the crown, face the end! Join a mad, wild, lonely, happy, sad bunch of clown monsters on a quest to save the forest and the sky.

They will need your help!

Directed By Laurel Devenie

Created by Lutz Hamm, Thomas Gowing, Tomasin Fisher-Johnson, Georgia-May Russ, Hayley Douglas, Finn Gilbert Keene, Zara Skuse, Dylan Taylor, Scott Wynne and Evan Heasman

Supported by Creative New Zealand, ONEONESIX and Morph Puppet Festival

The Living Forest: Poetry By Monsters – ONEONESIX