Natalie Briddling is a world-class grump (according to her mum). Wanting to stand out, she’s hōhā with feeling average, ordinary and middling so she sets out on “probably the most amazing adventure ever!”

Her magical journey takes her down an awa, up a maunga, meeting strange and wondrous beings along the way. Characters who in the beginning frustrate and anger her might turn out to be new friends.

Proudly presented by Nōku te Ao Capital E’s National Theatre for Children, The Grumpiest Child in the World is an endearing tale of self-discovery based on Finegan Kruckemeyer’s international award-winning play.

Te reo Māori is thoughtfully peppered through The Grumpiest Child in the World, where the audience can enjoy learning new kupu with the performers. Delighting tamariki, whānau, and kaiako around the world since its debut in 2013, this show encourages tamariki to embrace their feelings and emotions and celebrate ordinariness and extraordinariness.

The 45-50-minute show can be enjoyed by any audience and is best suited for tamariki aged five to eleven years old.

The Grumpiest Child in the World – ONEONESIX