Join us on Monday evenings for a revitalising class of M and B with local creative artist, mover, maker and Dance Choreographer Gaby Thomas 

This movement class is designed to enhance coordination and mind/body connection. Moving down the room to music together in rows brings a great sense of joy. M&B gets you dancing without even realising. You’ll feel like you are flying. 

In M&B you learn on the move. This method teaches you movements without you having to remember long sequences. This is achieved by copying and repeating the same movement all the way down the room. Making mistakes is all part of the process. It frees you from any feeling of nerves or embarrassment because you are all moving together, making mistakes together and improving together. It teaches you to engage with the space you are in and the people you are with. 

This class will expand your mind and strengthen your body, improve your fitness and coordination and it’s super fun!! 

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