I Remember You is the highly anticipated album from Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields out May 3rd. 

Discover the irresistible charm of this Americana Folk duo, performing live at ONEONESIX on Friday 7th of June. 

With multiple awards to their names and thousands of miles between them, Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields are bonafide masters of their craft, having discovered a natural chemistry as performers, the union of their songwriting enables them to explore new depths in their music. 

“Like Presley and Joplin at a dream jam” Post To Wire 

The album was written on the road and features a strong connection to Aotearoa, Matt Joe Gow grew up in Dunedin in the South Island, a place with bad weather and good music, meanwhile Kerryn Fields was raised in the North Island with one hand on guitar and the other firmly upon her heart. 

Over the past year, the duo have captivated audiences across New Zealand and Australia with extensive touring, gracing renowned stages including the Tussock Country Music Festival, The National Folk Festival, Nannup Music Festival and many more. 

“Glorious from the get go” Countrytown 

Layered with honest songwriting and ragged instrumentation I Remember You is their true story. Equal parts uplifting and introspective, exploring themes of love, loss and the indelible marks left by the places we call home. 

“You’ll need to put it on repeat” Beat Magazine 

VELVET ARROW takes you down a lost path of dark nights and lonesome dreamers… 

Heavily influenced by Radiohead, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen – Velvet Arrow are a New Zealand based singer/songwriter duo with a darkly romantic alt-folk heart. 

Emerging out of the shadows of nowhere, Velvet Arrow’s perceptive lyrical observations woven into beautifully tragic tales and cinematic soundscapes have a way of piercing your soul – reminding the listener you are not alone. 

Born and raised in the same small town and country music scene in Northland, New Zealand many years ago; creative musician/producer Dan Stenhouse and songwriter Hannah Jane met in 2017 a lifetime later to find they both speak the language of solitude and share a love of melancholic melodies. 

With a unique blend of harmony; Dan and Hannah can be found wandering through fields of Alt-Folk into Dark Country and somewhere in between. 

Velvet Arrow are on a journey to bring their original writings out of utero, starting at the very beginning with ‘Songs of Solitude’ – released on vinyl last November.

Matt Joe Gow and Kerryn Fields with Velvet Arrow – ONEONESIX