Improv acting jams, games and hilarious entertainment.

If you enjoy ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ you will love acting games.

Improv games are a form of improvisational acting where (almost) anything goes!

Join us as we make up hilariously entertaining stories on the spot from audience suggestions. No night is ever the same!

Suitable for all levels of experience.

As Improv sessions are Ad-hoc, message us on Facebook to see when we are next meeting!

Whangarei theatresports selected for Auckland Improv Festival

Whangarei’s Improv Mob have been selected for the first Auckland Improv Festival, April 20-25, and you’re invited to get involved in some casual practice as the team builds up to their big performance. 

The troupe will perform LOL With the Improv Mob during the groundbreaking festival which will draw 20 improv troupes from up and down the country. 

The eight players in the Improv Mob have performed up and down Northland and Auckland including the Whangarei Fringe Festival. 

Improv Mob classes – which are now fortnightly at One One Six and open to anyone over 15 – first began after Johannes van Staveren and Jana Light arrived from the Netherlands in 2015 and began teaching classes. It wasn’t long before the Dutch duo handed the reins to local Whangareians and soon Improv Mob were performing from the Far North down to Auckland. 

Improv, in a nutshell, is a hybrid of stage theatre, stand-up comedy and teambuilding. There are no scripts and anyone can join in any scene. 

Famously televised on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and NZ TV show Snort,  improv theatresports involves short, organised skits in which actors have no idea what will happen in the scene five seconds ahead – with hilarious consequences. 

Organiser Michael Botur says improv is ideal for anyone wanting to send up the working week and laugh with some uplifting people. “It’s the art of pushing down the doors that make us restrained in the way we talk to each other. After a couple of improv jams, you’ll find yourself holding nothing back and always blurting out the first line that comes to mind. Our dysfunctional planet needs to be freshened up with more laughs. What better than improv?”

Improv Mob – ONEONESIX