New Zealand’s Finn Johansson and his all-star band will midwife you through your biggest feelings with his low-key devastating lyrics, instantly iconic tunes and magnetic personality. Fresh from touring Europe and Australia, releasing the song of the autumn with Ny Oh, and hard at work on his next record, he’s slowly figuring it all out.

Don’t miss your chance to see him live at an exciting and crucial time in his career, and with band for the first time in mighty Whangarei. Ready Set are Northland’s most notorious teen rockstars and after winning big at Rockquest, not to mention sharing festival stages with Jordan Luck Band and Sir Dave Dobbyn, have been scoped out by Finn as ‘stupidly good’ and are setting their sights on blowing the roof off of ONEONESIX this July. Be there or regret it forever.

All Ages / Alcohol Free 

PRESS: Finn Johansson writes self-described “feelings music” akin to the colour of the back of your eyelids when you’re kissing or breathing in an exhale or the pinching feeling of hope just before you have your heart broken. His songs are full of curiosity; ambitious arrangements with frayed edges, lo-fi bedroom recordings with the incisive precision of an astute musical ear. Overarchingly they are natural, full of the non-sequiturs associated with raw love and pain. Johansson has a skill for parsing back experiences to their most potent elements, and gently handing them over with his lilting falsetto.’ – Kiki Van Newtown, Under The Radar

‘His unrelenting creativity… reminds me at times of Frank Zappa.; – The 13th Floor

Take a listen to Finn Johansson here

Finn Johansson Band and Ready, Set! Live – ONEONESIX