Calling all Adults who love to move, flow, dance and create for a Beginners Contemporary Dance Workshop Series 1-3.

This workshop series will explore three main themes in each workshop that as a whole will provide a basis for learning the fundamentals of contemporary dance: including an introduction to creating your own dance and developing your dance, Choreography basics and stage and performance presence.

An outline of each workshop is below, you can do one, two or all three workshops. Note: the early bird for all three ends midnight 17th April. Single tickets can be purchased as an early bird up until 5 days before each workshop begins. Combo workshop tickets are available.

Workshop 1: Foundations of Dance: Introduction to Contemporary Dance: Sunday 30th April 10am-2pm

Learn to confidently create a dance from your own body movement using dance techniques, spatial awareness and the elements of dance such as patterns of movement that use rolling, falling, leaping, landing, extension/ retraction, weight distribution & momentum. A short contemporary sequence will be taught as a starting point which you can develop with your own sequences of movement, confidence skills and creative dance exploration/ sharing.

Workshop 2: Contemporary Dance: From Shapes to Stage: Saturday 6th May 10am-2pm 

Learn & develop a taught dance sequence, Learn the fundamentals of dance, Create your own dance sequence, explore spatial awareness & staging skills, ensemble (group) skills, patterns, facings, understanding timing (basics), collaborate with others, create & share your own dance sequence, choreography basics, choreographic devices, performance basics/ dance showing.

Workshop 3: Contemporary Dance: Concepts to Stage: Sunday 7th May 10am-2pm

Contemporary dance concept exploration, create your own dance sequence, learn a taught dance sequence, introduction to performance skills, explore musicality in performance, creating mood/ character for performance, Preparing for stage & owning it, Stage skills- fundamentals of performing dance, Perform/ share your dance in a group.

Adults Contemporary Dance Workshop Series 1-3 – ONEONESIX