Introducing ROCK N

Skate to live band Rocks n Flowers


The floor is yours if you want it.
Dance, skate or sit and watch the band

Choose your entry time

? 6pm
This is for those who want to learn how to skate and have 1st choice of skates. Skate trainers coach beginners and intermediate skaters of all ages and at the end of the session we play skating games. You will gain some valuable tips that will make you a more confident skater. If you have little ones, this is the best time for them to come but any age can benefit from this lesson.

? 7pm
The Roller Disco starts, 1st hour with recorded music and 2nd hour with live band. Lights go off, light show and the music starts, time to put your groove on. This is for Skaters who don’t require coaching. Soft drinks, water and lollies available for sale. Towards the end of the 2nd hour, it may be time for little ones to go home.

⚫ 8pm
This is time for 16yr + who come to see the band. Think of it as a different type of gig. Come and rock out with the band, either sitting, dancing, skating or even singing. Learn a song of ours (see videos below) and come and sing with us. Beer, wine (non alcoholic) available for sale. Bring friends along for group concession entry.

About Rocks n Flowers ??
RnF is a local original band who play an eclectic style of rock, dance, reggae. Brigitte, the Skate trainer and bass player for the band will rock out on skates with you. Sneak peak here ?


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