The Whangarei Gospel Choir, established in 2024, is a vibrant ensemble dedicated to uplifting voices and spirits through gospel music. Under the inspired leadership of Lee Morunga, a seasoned musician and choir director with a passion for community and cultural celebration, the choir quickly gained recognition through sharing their progression online.

Lee Morunga, renowned for her versatile musical talents and heartfelt leadership, has infused the choir with her deep appreciation for gospel traditions and contemporary influences. With a background in both classical and modern music, Lee brings a rich tapestry of experience to the choir, guiding them through some soulful arrangements.

As the choir prepares to celebrate Matariki 2024, Lee’s vision is to honor this significant Māori New Year festival through music that reflects unity, hope, and renewal. The Whangarei Gospel Choir’s performances during Matariki will be a heartfelt tribute to the cultural heritage and communal spirit that Matariki embodies, promising an uplifting and memorable experience for all who attend.


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